What will you learn as a result?

You will understand what kind of sharpener you need

You will not have to spend dozens of hours on studying a lot of information on forums.

Learn to sharpen like a professional

It takes thousands of hours to learn how to sharpen professionally. With the video-course you will be able to sharpen knives perfectly after watching the tutorials and a couple of hours of practice.

Learn how to choose abrasives

What kind of stones do you need for roughing? How to use fine-grained stones? These and many other questions will no longer bother you.

Learn unique sharpening techniques

Step and convex sharpening. Sharpening recurve... Information that is difficult to find on the Internet is now collected in one place.

Who is teaching?

Master of the sharpening craft — Sergey Zhirov, together with TSPROF

The master has experience in sharpening knives for more than 25 years. For all his time, the master has professionally sharpened more than 10,000 blades of various types. Sergey is an official partner of TSPROF.

Pricing plan